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해 양_잠 수 복

잠수복,Drysuit Drysuit 잠수복(건식)
Interior Suspenders for increased comfort
3-D Mesh Inner Lining provides unrestricted airflow throughout the suit - no trapped air or squeeze, EVER.
Two expandable POWER POCKETS on the thighs with accessory D-Rings mounted inside for attachments
SI-TECH swiveling inlet valve and adjustable automatic outlet valve
10 Butyl layer rubber for added durability and tear resistance
Trilaminate shell for lighter weight and faster drying time

특 징  : 목,손목 부분에 오존,UV 저항성 실리콘 씰 부착
       과압력 테스트 체크
       무릎패드 부착
       일체형 부츠
       남극에서 테스트되어 성능 인증.
       워터프루프기능의 3D메쉬재질 안감.