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Automatic Mounting Press,자동성형기 Automatic Mounting Press 자동성형기
The SimpliMet® 3000 is a state-of-theart mounting press which expands the versatility of this family by featuring automatic programmability and other advanced functions. It is easy to use and increases productivity and sample consistency.
• Automatic mold sensing feature detects the mold size and loads the appropriate parameters, eliminating the need to use look- up tables
• Select from four Buehler proven, pre-programmed methods or program up to 25 user-defined methods
• ThermoPlastic® function controls a special heating and cooling cyclefor use with thermoplastic (TransOptic ™) compounds to provide a controlled, linear cooling
• Linear cooling allows full polymerization resulting in the best thermoplastic mount clarity, and can be used for delicate parts where thermal shock is undesirable
• Preload pressure function applies gradual pressure for delicate specimens
• Automatic ram movement with the touch of a button

전 원  : 84-264VAC, 50-60Hz, 1 Phase
몰딩 압력  : 1200 - 4400 psi (80 - 300 bars) in 100 psi (5 bar) increments
몰딩 온도  : 120° - 360 °F in 20 °F increments / 50° - 180 °C in 10 °C increments
가열 시간  : 0 - 20 minutes in 10 second increments
몰드 타입   : Cylindrical, including upper and lower rams and duplex mold spacer