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Electronic Personal Dosimeter,휴대용방사선량계 Electronic Personal Dosimeter 휴대용방사선량계
The EPD Mk2 electronic personal dosemeter is a modern digital monitor for personal radiation protection measurements, based upon diode detectors and with multiple functions. The nominal useful energy range for gamma radiation is 15 keV to 10 MeV, and the mean energy of beta particles may vary from 250 keV to 1.5 MeV. The dosemeter provides direct readout of dose equivalents Hp(10) - deep/whole body - and Hp(0.07) - shallow/skin - according to ICRP definitions, displayed in Sievert (Sv) or rem. The resolution is 1 µSv or 0.1 mrem. The easy-toread display can show dose and dose rate values. Alarm thresholds for the dose and dose rate measuring modes can be set. A variety of different audible and visual alarms are configurable via IR interface. The measurement, the alarm and the display functions are easily programmed by a single pushbutton. The dosemeter features independent memories for short-term and long-term data logging, dose rate peak storage, password protected personal dosimetry as well as a number of further storage functions. The EPD Mk2 dosemeter is battery operated. The small size and the attached clip make it possible to keep the dosemeter in a pocket. A comprehensive manual in English is included. The EPD-N2 is an alternative personal dosemeter for real-time dose control where neutrons are present. Wall racks, storage trays and transport cases are available upon request.

특 징     : 방사선 노출감지 및 모니터링에 이상적
         휴대용으로 넓은 범위에서 측정하기에 적합
무 게     : 95g
사이즈     : 85x63x19mm
작동 온도   : -10 °C ~ +50 °C
메모리     : 베터리 없이 10년간 데이터 저장