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장 비_ 휴대용 핵종 분석기

휴대용핵종분석기,FLIR Finder FLIR Finder 휴대용핵종분석기
The identiFINDER 2 combines all of the same core signal processing electronics and performance capabilities as the original identiFINDER with several new features. The monochrome LCD display has been replaced with a TFT LCD, 64k colour, 320 x 240 pixel display that is readable in virtually any light conditions. The spectrum is continuously source peak or LED peak stabilised to handle a wide range of count rates and conditions. The advantage of the LED stabilisation technique is that there is no peak interference in the identification spectrum.

특 징     : 총지지대를 통해 권총은 물론 장총 거치사격 가능
         특수 랜드야드를 이용하여 등뒤로 각개 멜 수 있음
무 게     : 13.2lbs
사이즈     : 35x37.5
커버 범위   : 7.7sq.ft.
옵션 기능   : ID배너, LED라이트