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Deployment Kits,작전수행가방 키트 Deployment Kits 작전수행가방 키트
CODE ALPHA Brand Gear Bags are Navy SEAL tested tough...Now available to the public, CODE ALPHA bags were developed for the Navy SEAL's and military Special Operations Forces (SOF). Designed for extreme use in adverse conditions, these bags are constructed from the most durable materials available and are packed with innovative features guaranteed to last.

MARPAT DESERT Wheeled Deployment Bag
사이즈     : 32" x 17" x 13"
무 게     : 12lbs
MARPAT Desert 3 day Hydration Pack
사이즈     : 20.5" x 15" x 7.75" to 12.75"
무 게     : 5lbs
사이즈     : 23" x 19.5" x 12"
무 게     : 3lbs