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Holster,권총벨트 Holster 권총벨트
Tactical holster is built for comfort as well as functionality. This Tactical holster features the Self Locking System (SLS™) rotating hood system which is so well suited for the tactical situations encountered today. The hood on the Model 6004 holster can only be released by being simultaneously pushed down and rotated forward and actually becomes more secure when upward force is applied. The STX Tactical finish of the holster is rugged, protecting the gun in scrape, scratch and dent incidents.

특 징        : 자체잠금시스템(SLS)
          조임 조절장치
무 게        : 1lbs
사이즈        : 20cm x 28cm
섬 유        : 내구성있는 복합 탄소섬유