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Flame Retardant Gloves,방염장갑 Flame Retardant Gloves 방염장갑
The Wiley X TAG-1 is constructed of a blend of extremely strong and lightweight Nomex and Kevlar throughout the glove’s top and extended forearm padded sleeve to provide the utmost in thermal and abrasion protection. A special Nomex and Kevlar woven inner lining ensures superior protection. The palm is made with digital print sheepskin leather to provide excellent grip, durability and tactile sensitivity. A specially designed gun-cut finger, thumb leather reinforcement and ergonomically shaped goatskin leather patch on the palm add both superior dexterity and durability. The TAG-1 includes a specially molded TPR closure for easy grip and a truly secure fit. Combined with the glove’s forearm elastic cuff closure, the TAG-1 is a vast improvement in fit and design over more traditional tactical gloves.

섬유 혼합      : 노멕스 92%, 5% 케블러, 3% P140
          타이트한 구조로 불꽃등 외부 위험물질로부터 탁월한 보호기능 제공.
          부드러운 가죽을 덧데어 내구성 증가.
용 도        : 승무원, 탱크, 특수작전, 검색 및 구조
무 게        : 0.40lbs
크 기        : 14in x 5in x 1.5in