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감 시_ 투시경

투시경, Night Vision Goggle Night Vision Goggle 야간 투시경
The P-15 night vision goggle is a dual eye, dual tube (ITT PINNACLE), night vision system that offers the user depth perception and situational awareness that is not available with standard AN/PVS-14 night vision monoculars or even AN/PVS-7 dual eye single tube night vision goggles. The P-15 also meets or exceeds specifications of the AN/PVS-15 night vision goggles, and is in fact, preferred by many agencies. The P-15 is designed around many standard issue mil-spec depot level parts in order to make sustainment and procurement as fast and simple as possible. The P-15 is waterproof and lightweight to facilitate long term use. The P-15 is unique because it features independent fully articulating night vision tubes so that you can rotate one or both tubes out of your line of sight. No other dual tube night vision goggle can be delivered this fast, performs this well, and has these features.

야간의 미세한 달빛이나 별빛을 증폭하여 목표물을 관측할 수 있도록 야간 관측장비로서 소총용 적외선 표적지시기와 복합 운용되어 야간 조준사격이 가능합니다.

특 징     : 지속적인 전자줌
         작동 소음 최소화
전 원     : 충전식, 일회용
         외부 AC 또는 DC
무 게     : 2.6kg(배터리 포함)
시 야     : Narrow 2.7˚ x 2.2
         Wide 8.2˚ x 6.6
줌 기능    : Electronic zoom x1 to x4
디스플레이   : 고해상도 OLED
작동 온도   : -30˚C to +55˚C