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화 기 류_ M4

Benelli M4 Benelli M4
The M4 is the semiautomatic shotgun with Benelli patent self-cleaning auto-regulating gas system with rotating lockin head. The high-tech nature of its design and development is thanks Benlli's experience in the design of semiautomatic shotguns. The M4 has an ingenious, cutting-edge, gas operated mechanical system, patented by Benlli and known as Auto Regulating Gas Operating(A.R.G.O.).The M4 was selscted by the Us armed forces as its Joint Service Combat Shotgun, after passing al of the stringent acceptance test forefficiency reliability ballistic percision and strength in the worst possible conditions. The M4 is also available with telescopic stock that can be adjusted in 5 positions. The M4 model with short magazine tube (3 magunm or 4 standard cartridges + 1 in the chamber) and14' (335mm), barrel is a compact weapon that has been devised for use in more restricted environments. External Ceramic coating (federal standard field grad) that confers the treated surfaces of the M4 exceptional resistance against extreme envionmental conditions, erosion, corrosion and scratching. The versatility of the M4 shotgun can also be seen in its interchamgeable stocks; telescopic, fixed stock or pistol grip stock, in technopolyment reinforced with fiber-glass, replaceable without tools. The choice of tubular magazine is fundamental since it allows the continual reloading of cartridges without having yo loosen grip or move from a firing position; the weapon is thus always loaded and ready to fire and are no breaks in defensive cover. All models have a limited number of parts, which have been assembled in such a way as to allow quick and easy stripping and re-assembly without tools.

M4는 Benlli의 특허인 셀프 클리닝 자동 조절가스 시스템(A.R.G.O. system)과 회전하는 잠금헤드가 있는 반자동 산탄총입니다. 또한 5가지 위치에서 조절할 수 있는 신축성 소재도 제공하며, 공구없이 빠르고 쉽게 벗겨 내고 다시 조립이 가능합니다. 관형 탄창의 선택은 그립을 풀거나 발사 위치에서 움직이지 않고도 카트리지를 계속 재장전 할 수 있기 때문에 실용적이고, 제한된 환경에서 사용하도록 고안된 무기입니다. 최악의 조건에서 효율성, 신뢰성, 탄도정밀도 및 강도에 대한 엄격한 수용 테스트를 모두 거쳐 공동 서비스 전투 산탄총으로 미국군에 의해 선정되었습니다. 또한 아프가니스탄전 뿐만아니라 이라크전에서도 사용된적이 있습니다.

GAUGE      : 12
배럴 길이    : 470mm
무 게      : 3780g (언로드된 무기)
사용이력     :  아프가니스탄전, 이라크전 등
총길이      : 1005mm (확장된 길이) :/887mm (수축된 길이)