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화 기 류_ 추진장약포

추진장약포, Mortar Bombs Mortar Bombs 추진장약포
155 mm Illuminating is another separate- loading ammunition of 155 mm series using a hollow forged steel body with a steel base plug press fitted to the rear of the projectile and held in place by shear pins and twist pins. The shell interior contains a primary expulsion charge, a canister assembly and a drogue parachute. The canister assembly contains a secondary expulsion charge, a delay holder, an illumination composition and the main parachute.

길 이      : 591.35mm (±3mm)
무 게      : 12.10kg
버닝 타임    : 65sec
연소 압력    : 900kp/cm2
최대 사거리   : 5700m
조명 강도    : 700,000cd