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화 기 류 _APR308

APR308 APR308
The weapon system is basically consisting of a bolt action rifle cal. .308 Win with suppressor, a rifle scope and a user specific cartridge. The system is intended to be a soldier's primary weapon and serve him as anti-personnel rifle. The system must be able to hit a head-sized target up to 400 m distance or a torso-sized target over 800 m and more with a first round hit probability of over 99%. Although being a recision-instrument, the system must resist the harsh military use and remain functional in typical operational environments.

무 게      : 6.8~7.01kg
길 이      : 1,139 ~ 906mm
파 생 형       : APR308P, APR308S, APR338
총열 길이    : 610mm
사용탄         : 7.62 x 51mm NATO
작동 방식    :   뇌리쇠 방식, 수동
유효 사거리   : 1,000mm
급탄 방식    :   10발 착탈식 박스 탄창
조준기         :   4주양 공용 광학 조준기,긴급용 가늠자와 가늠쇠