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화 기 류 _TP-9

TP-9 PISTOL TP-9 Pistol
In 2004, it introduced the MP9, which it describes as a compact, lightweight submachine gun that is perfect for personal rotection and self-defense. The gun’s design follows Steyr’s TMP with a few minor improvements to the frame and sights, although the gun is essentially the same. The semiautomatic TP-9 has an interesting recoil operated, rotating barrel, locked breech action that is machined on state- of-the-art CNC equipment from 4140 steel. Upon firing, recoil drives the bolt and the barrel to the rear as one unit–which is locked together via lugs on the bolt that engage eight splines on the barrel–while a locking pin at the top of the barrel guide rides in a control cam cut in the barrel.

슈퍼타이어사의 TMP포델을 스위스의 B&T사가 설계도면을 매입해 만든 총입니다. 가벼워보이나 무게가 3kg정이며 소규모 전투용으로 개발된 총입니다. 폐쇄된 공간이나 근접한 공간에서의 탐색에 유용하게 쓸 수 있습니다.

기타 모델    : TP9 Cafbine, MP9-FX, MP9-M
운 용 국       :   스위스, 포르투갈, 인디아 등
구 경      : 9mm
무 게      : 1.4kg (스톡포함)
길 이      : 523mm~303mm
총열 길이    : 150mm
폭        : 45mm
높 이      : 166mm~173mm
총구 초속    : 400m/s
유효 사거리   : 100mm
사격 방식    :   단발/ 연발